!! OMG, she white: Beyonce !!

L’Oreal has been accused of whitening up Be-Be for a Feria Box. Maybe some of the dye got all over her face and she left it there for 30-45 minutes by accident?
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8 Comments on "OMG, she white: Beyonce"

  1. just kidding by the way. I really do love beyonce.

  2. You know I heard that’s what she really looks like and god just does a really good job of making her look black when she’s out in public

  3. I do think it is probably just the lighting making her skin look lighter. She’s a beautiful girl, they don’t need to “Whiten” her up.
    RIP Isaac Hayes

  4. It could be the lighting in the studio. Photographers shine so much light on the models to make their hair shinny. Most people look diffrent in photos depending on the lighting.
    This story is stupid and blown out of proportion!

  5. Hell if she straightens her hair, why cant she lighten her sckin? Micheal Jackson did it.

  6. There are PLENTY of past pictures of B that show her light skin. Darker skin does tan so she has been darker but her un-tanned skin is not very dark.
    On a side note, her hair in the L’Oreal picture totally looks like a wig! Look at her hairline.

  7. no biggy

  8. Makeup lightens complexion. Every woman knows this. Somehow I do too.

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