!! OMG, how hypocritical: Russia !!

Last week Russia seemed to be fine with hosting and promoting the extreme camp feyness that is the Eurovision Song Contest, but they shut down a gay rights parade that was happening on the same day as the Eurovision finale:

In a decision that smacks of fiscally influenced hypocrisy, the Russian powers that be have banned an unsanctioned gay rights parade in Moscow that has been called to coincide with tomorrow’s annual extravaganza of kitsch, the Eurovision Song Contest final. What the authorities have failed to recognise is that Eurovision is the gayest thing to happen to Russia. Ever.

How rude!

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3 Comments on "OMG, how hypocritical: Russia"

  1. The thing is that the gay demonstration was aloud to take place in the downtown of Moscow.
    But Russian gays decided to provoke everybody and have a demonstration at the other publick place.
    That’s why there were arrests etc.
    They made the news but by cheating the authorities and making it look they intended.

  2. While Russia isn’t known for its great gay rights support, the government announced several weeks before the Eurovision song contest that it would not tolerate demonstrations of any kind that day, and it also shut down a few other non-gay rallies that day too. While I’m not defending their actions to stifle free speech, sometimes half reporting a news story is as bad as not reporting it at all.

  3. All that comes to mind is that Pixar Film, Antz…and the Grasshoppers dictating their will upon the ants with threat of harm….. Shame for sure.
    All it takes is for the colonies to unite and over through the entire system… Kinda like Osama did by knocking down the towers in 2001. Look at the US now due to that minute overt action.

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