!! OMG, how dumb: Us !!

Is Google making us dumber? I often wonder if I’m getting more stupider because I never have to remember anything now. If I forget something I just Google it immediately. Like “How much protein is in a tablespoon of semen?” – I can never remember so I just Google it. There might be proof that we are all getting dumber in the website GDUMB.COM which posts many examples of ridiculous searches, such as these:

Is it gay to play putt-putt golf with a friend?
Why are women so stupid?
How to spell booger
My nuts smell
Are farts poop particles?
My dog smells like Doritos

Okay those are mostly pretty dumb, but my nuts do smell and dogs feet do smell like Cool Ranch Doritos for real.
Check out THE SITE to see many more hilarious and real searches.

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  1. that first line “is it gay to play butt butt golf with a friend” is a line from an eminem song “rain man”. and the answer is yes.

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