!! OMG, how immersed (and nude): Mark and Olly !!

Mark Anstice (right) and Olly Steeds (left) are “extreme travelers” who spent some time with the Kombai tribe in West Papua, New Guinea for their show on The Discovery Channel. One highlight of the show is when Mark and Olly have to wear “koteka,” which are pointy gourds that are fitted over the penis with string.
See some NSFW caps and videos after the jump!

Click to enlarge. Video clips below.
Here is Olly getting fitted with his koteka:
And Mark getting fitted:
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Here are some clips from the last episode of the show:

You can watch some more clips of the show here.

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8 Comments on "OMG, how immersed (and nude): Mark and Olly"

  1. Both men have handsome asses, but Oly’s beefy, hairy one fills me with desire.

  2. better than nudity you see in movies or porn

  3. Actually Backster, hon, it’s called a KOTEKA.

  4. Olly is such a hunk!

  5. i would have liked to see more frontal shots…lol

  6. You can see stuff like this on Travel HD? I’m missing out!
    Oh, Time Warner….

  7. “I love that front stick thing too!”
    We all do hon, it’s called a penis.

  8. The guy in the hat has a great ass. I love that front stick thing too!

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