!! OMG, how inspirational: Tom Ford !!

Fashion designer Tom Ford says, “I am my own muse” in this revealing little Vogue.com piece. Does that mean he is his own “black orchid“?
Later in the story, Ford waxes sentimental:

Even today, I still start shaking when I hear Donna Summer because it’s the music of my coming of age. Every party I have, if I’m not careful, I end up putting that music on and whirling some girl around the dancefloor.

No surprise that Tom Ford gets drunk and puts on Donna Summer at parties, but it was a nice touch for him to throw in that heterosexual “girl” reference. (via YNBF)

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  1. I don’t know; I much prefer the Tom Ford that flirted with the male interviewer and wanted to get naked with him…

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