!! OMG, how kinky: LOTR fans !!

This guy wants to gather a diverse group of men to “venture to Middle Earth (aka Bathurst Street in Toronto)”. Although the project is “not about gay stuff,” the adventures may include touching each other’s wieners. Make sure you click to enlarge the above image. (via Graydon Sheppard)

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14 Comments on "OMG, how kinky: LOTR fans"

  1. I bet some of the hurtful emails were funny as hell. Only some, though.
    Anyway, I would like to think the AZN THF thing was b/c it’s some fantasy to him, or because with the exception of Bruce Campbell’s Autolycus, I guess thieves aren’t furry, and IRL, neither are many Asians. (which is why I think it’s extra hot to find one that is ūüėČ
    The blond wig think makes me think of Frisky Dingo. Why dos the elvish noble have to be all Nordic, anyway?
    The mustached warrior is probably the hairy one.
    lol @ the commando monk. Umm…
    I wonder if he’s a DM and tried to make his players act someting like this out, or if he’s not the DM, and the real DM was lookin’ crazy when he tried to get him to write it in.
    whatev re: “absolutely not about gay stuff”. This is not bromance; it couldn’t be gayer. He is just hoping to sneak it in later.
    The whole thing reminds me of an ex-bf….
    Actually, the guy himself also reminds me of a Frisky Dingo char….
    Why isn’t there anything this interesting/funny in my local CL server? Even the missed connections and m4m lists are boring.

  2. Why does the thief have to be Asian?!! I’m Asian and find it hilarious, and a little offensive. Just a little. LOL

  3. incredibly odd.
    he is hot.
    I’d do it.

  4. who knew I lived on middle earth


  6. “Roll play”…..hahahahaha. You be a yeast, and I’ll be a Parker House.

  7. Well, I don’t care, dress me up in a pair of tights, this guy is kinda hot, imho. In the darkness bind me, baby!

  8. sounds kinda hot actually…

  9. oh my! glad it’s not about ‘gay stuff’ cause that would make it weird…

  10. bwahahahahaha
    not about gay stuff.
    ummmmm. yeah.
    mustache; blonde wig; lithe, hairless asian; comfortable enough to forgo undergarments…
    to each his own, I suppose.

  11. Christ on a cross…
    Well, whatever floats one’s boat, I suppose.

  12. Sounds like the Fellowship of the Cockring to me

  13. Well, LOTR is pretty gay with all that hobbit on hobbit action and men kissing, but it would be kinda creepy to have sex with guys in medieval costumes… plus people didn’t shower back in those days.

  14. no_cute_nickname | March 14, 2008 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    Uh-huh. And just where around Bathurst would this “Middle Earth” be? The Oak Leaf Steam Baths???

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