!! OMG, how magical: ‘Give Me The Night’ !!

The video for Shannon’s 1984 single “Give Me the Night” was super ambitious and pulls together the magical vibe of films like Legend and The Dark Crystal along with catchy synthpop beats and general soulful divaness. Make sure you watch to the end where she transforms into an approximation of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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9 Comments on "OMG, how magical: ‘Give Me The Night’"

  1. You call yourself a gay man and you get the name of this song wrong? I’m appalled….and the only thing that will make it right is a nice naked picture of a hairy chested man.

  2. If you’re interested in the MOST MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING remix ever of a Shannon song, Junior Vasquez remixed Let The Music Play on his Twilo CD a bunch of years ago. It’s insanely hot!

  3. Love this song, I have a very awesome mix for it but I think it’s “give me TOnight” no?

  4. um… Shannon’s 1984 single “Give Me the Night”= give me T O N I G H T

  5. Bless you for remembering the magic of Miz Shannon. Let the music play, honey!

  6. Isn’t it ‘Give Me Tonight’?
    It’s what it says at the start of the video.

  7. Sorry to be picky, but the song is apparently “Give Me Tonight”. Wasn’t “Give Me the Might” something Lionel Ri(t)chie did? Totally different song.
    But yeah, that video is pretty out there. Got to give her props.

  8. I always thought “Shannon” was white! She has that Taylor Dayne-ish, can’t-sing-for-shit Long Island-y sound down pat!

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