!! OMG, my saviour: Kristen Wiig as Judy !!

For once I wasn’t at home on Saturday night eating Ms. Vickies dipped in straight-up sour cream and watching SNL praying for an emotion to bubble up…but when I saw this clip online yesterday I nearly popped a hemorrhoid. AND MY NAME’S JU-DY!
Why is that girl who plays the sister named Norah still on the show? Has she done anything that didn’t ruin the skit?

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4 Comments on "OMG, my saviour: Kristen Wiig as Judy"

  1. Wasn’t that genius? My pal Miss Rheba and I were just moaning that nothing would top the debate intro sketch, and then: there they were. We shrieked and then stayed up late enough to watch it over and over again online. Anne Hathaway was pretty tops, too…

  2. Thank you, OMGBlog, for once again exceeding in brilliant taste. When I saw this Saturday night, I almost laughed so hard I cried… and here it is again for my viewing pleasure. I’m pretty sure there’s no need for any other cast members on SNL (except Tina Fey, of course) because Kristen steals the show every time. And yeah, that Casey Wilson girl… I’ve never once laughed at anything she’s been involved with except for Amy Poehler as Christian Siriano (even though she had no lines).

  3. Huh? How did Casey ruin the skit…?

  4. Mmm…Ms. Vickie’s dipped in sour cream?
    I think you’re my new live-in lover, Graydon. If you ever decide to move to New York, I’ll save room on my couch for you and about 1/3 of my supply of Vickie’s (sorry…they’re just too good to share 50-50).

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