!! OMG, how manipulative: Cat Mind Control !!

Not only is there a CAT PARASITE, which causes humans (like me) to go gaga for kritties, but now cats are controlling our minds with their purrs! Yes, apparently cats have developed a special purr to get us to do what they want:

McComb explained that what cats seem to be doing for the special purr “is producing the low fundamental frequency and its harmonics by muscular activation” — what has been associated with typical purring — “but also voicing a cry, probably with the inner edges of the vocal folds, which is then superimposed on the sound’s frequency spectrum.”

This “cry” apparently sounds a lot like a human baby’s cry, which gets our attention and sympathy. Maybe this is why we talk to kitties like widdew pweshus babies!
The little guy above isn’t doing mind-control purrs, but I’d still do anything for him! He’s got a bottom lip!

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1 Comment on "OMG, how manipulative: Cat Mind Control"

  1. It is obvious to anyone who went to a decent school that cats possess the power of the devil. Once I saw a cat try to steal the soul of a small child. I hated the child so I allowed the theft to happen, BUT had I not walked by at that exact moment the entire incident would have gone unknown. We have to stop these cats before it’s too late. Please go to my Facebook site and sign the petition I have created asking congress to force cats to wear a large red D (for Devil) on their little cat sweaters.

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