!! OMG, new Hidden Cameras song: Walk On! !!

The Hidden Cameras have announced plans to release their fourth album Origin:Orphan on September 22 via label Arts & Crafts. For a taste of what’s to come, check out the track “Walk On”, a solemn-sounding pop tune that hints at a darker direction for the band. Full track-listing and tour dates after the jump.

Download “Walk On” by The Hidden Cameras here.

Origin:Orphan track-listing:
1. Ratify The New
2. In The NA
3. He Falls To Me
4. Colour Of A Man
5. Do I Belong?
6. Walk On – free download available here
7. Kingdom Come
8. Origin:Orphan
9. Underage
10. The Little Bit
11. Silence Can Be A Headline
Tour dates:
July 21 – Wakefield, PQ @ The Black Sheep Inn
July 23 – Fredericton, NB @ The Capital
July 24 – Charlottetown, PEI @ Babas Lounge
July 25 – Halifax, NS @ Garrison Grounds/Halifax Pride Festival

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  1. sumone new

  2. Why does the lead singer look like Adam Levine? Not that it’s a bad thing or anything…

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