!! OMG, how melancholy: The Drums’ ‘How It Ended’ video !!

The only thing better than a happy pop song is a sad one. Super cute indie pop group The Drums seem to have come to this realization as their latest long player, Portamento, is full of longing, confusion, sexual frustration and… well what else is there to write a song about, really? (Certainly not getting shitfaced in a Patron-soaked nightclub where you and all your best friends are having the greatest night of your lives surrounded by celebrities, acrobats and the hottest people on the face of the earth. That never happens.)
Anyway, in the music video for “How It Ended,” gently windblown singer Jonathan Pierce wanders a drab looking cityscape (London?) indulging his autumnal mood and asking himself how it all ended. Let’s join him…

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