!! OMG, How Mesmerizing: Japanese Motion Portraits !!

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God bless the creative geniuses of Japan. Without these innovators, think of all the great things we wouldn’t have: tentacle porn, so many kinds of gummy candies, a bunch of Hello Kitty crap, and of course, my favorite: MAID CAFES.
In their neverending quest to bring weird and kind of creepy cuteness to the world, the Japanese have a great new invention: something called MOTION PORTRAITS. Basically you upload a picture of yourself, and it instantly starts blinking and nodding like a crazy sex robot. Then a bunch of balloons start floating by, which you grab to start dressing yourself up in a variety of beards, moustaches, and panda costumes.
Makes total sense, right? Whatever, it’s fun! I still don’t really understand it, but who cares! Doesn’t Courtney Love look beautiful with a full beard and moustache? You don’t really get the full effect without the possessed blinking and nodding, so click over to MP CHANGE to give it a try.
(via funfriends)

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