!! OMG, WHO CARES?! The Week in Review !!

This was the stupidest week. If I have to hear another f*cking word about Kanye West and Taylor Swift I might just have to have an embarrassing freakout tantrum. This includes any joke that starts with “Imma let you finish but…” I don’t care! I didn’t even care at the beginning and now I really don’t care.
Another thing that no one could shut up about this week is the lady who was murdered at Yale. You will notice we’ve yet to weigh in on the subject, because it’s sad and gross but also because I really don’t care very much about it. The only thing I will say is that the alleged murderer isn’t exactly butt-ugly or anything. I mean, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Then again, I always thought the Unabomber had a certain something going on too. So don’t go by my opinion.
It was marginally sad when Patrick Swayze died, cause, you know, it’s sad when anyone dies. Death is sad. But since I do not know the man it wasn’t really that sad. Frank loves Dirty Dancing though so I bet he cried clearly canadian tears and still has She’s Like the Wind on repeat. That’s okay too! If you want to care about Patrick Swayze it’s your right as an American/Canadian.
Did ANYTHING else happen this week? Oh yes, President Obama called Kanye– oh f*ck me. Just shut watch this video of a cat. Aw! It’s a cat! Cute!
Oh, and if you haven’t watched this morning’s Tyra Banks interview you should watch that too cause I’m still loling over it.

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15 Comments on "OMG, WHO CARES?! The Week in Review"

  1. Hey, I just want to clarify that of course I think this whole story is horrible and sad! Maybe I was a little flip with what I wrote: what I really meant was just I think the wall-to-wall coverage of the story is weird, and that our collective obsession with murdered damsels is gross and depressing. It’s the same reason I hate Law and Order: SVU. (Yay, a new rape every week!) But I apologize to anyone who thinks I approve of murder, cause I totally don’t.

  2. WOW…..I knew there was a reason I did not like you. I can not believe that you can be so callous. There are people who care about the tragic murder of a young woman (not so much about the kanye thing though). Thanks for all of the fun I have had reading OMG. However This is the end. you are the reason I am not going to read this blog that is supposed to be fun.

  3. Mercury’s in retrograde, y’all. EVERYBODY’S angry or pissed off about something, it’s not just Bmad. So let’s just all try to chill and hang tight until this gawd awful month is ovah!

  4. qweda ray sunshine | September 20, 2009 at 1:43 am | Reply

    Omgosh look at all these deep ass comments. First of all people, please calm down. She was murdered, it is tragic as is almost every other death every second one happens. Does that mean that because this one has been brought to everyone’s attention that it’s sacred? Um, no. If we all felt as deeply about everything sad that happens as “one should” the nothing would ever get done because we’d all be a bunch of Debbie Downers. Feel me? I mean, Kleenex would skyrocket and shiz but that’s about it. Lighten up, this is not where you come for Oprah moments or hard-hitting journalism. Oh, and Bmad is way funnier than Graydon and Graydon was funny so…holler Boo Boo! 🙂 lol

  5. Such flippant and callous remarks about an innocent woman who died at the hands of a monster. I only hope when terrible, painful, devastating things happen to you and those you care about, people show you the same respect and “not care” about your obviously jaded and pathetic lives. It must be so easy to sit on your “pop blog” of a throne and feign an air of being above it all. Hiding behind the anonymity letters and html codes provide. If the world ended tomorrow people would still mourn Annie Le but I can guarantee you no one would miss this blog or Hollywood or anything you’ve obviously based your life and self esteem around.

  6. to echo chad-
    wow, i don’t think i’ve ever not like something on omgblog, but this is the first.
    as a Yalie, i care about Annie Le’s murder. i know there are other Yalies that read this blog that would agree with me. the way you treated Annie’s murder was totally tasteless and tactless. the Unabomber also weighs heavily on the Yale consciousness since one of our professors was a victim.
    what a jerk!

  7. I think this is the first of your posts I don’t like at all. I feel you’ve done a great job up until this point. I am glad all the attention is surrounding the Kanye/Taylor hype because its the first time Kanye is really getting called out on his diva like behavior and I hope this ruins his career because he is ungrateful and childish and needs to grow up. Every time he opens his mouth I just get annoyed I will not listen to his music because he is a unlikeable person. He deserves everything he gets as far as negativity goes keep hatin on him please!! And as far as your lack of empathy for the girl who got murdered and all you can say is wow the murderer is cute?!!? Excuse me?!!? Please!!! I’m sorry but you are out of line and I’m ashamed for you.

  8. tell me about it… i think i was the only man on this planet who hasn’t heard about the Kanye-Swift incident at the VMAs. I’ve also written about it on my blog.

  9. It’s official. After however many of your posts I’ve read, I now declare that you suck as the latest omgblog replacement. Your posts are uninteresting. Go away.

  10. Del Potro won the US OPEN!!!
    That’s news!!!
    Vamos ARGENTINA!

  11. So what was it that happened between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, a sex video? OMG!!!
    LOL J/K
    Famous Presidential Quote… “He’s a Jackass!!”
    Thanks for the chuckles and yeah..I agree…the Unabomber & Raymond Clark do have a certain nerdy sex appeal about them. Or maybe I am just into a prison sex fetish fantasy at this time.. ~Shrugs~

  12. OMG..have you heard the latest on the pending lawsuit involving the film, Shannon’s Rainbow, starring Louis Gossett Jr. Claire Forlani, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, and Stephen Colletti, Julianne Michelle???
    Salt Lake City, Utah lawyer Joseph G. Pia is being sued for FRAUD and CONVERSION (he tried to take over the movie) He apparantly stole a lot of money from the producers and even threatened their lives!!
    My friend who works at his law firm said he hired two men as a set up to stage an extortion…says this guy is pure EVIL..he’s thinking about quitting the law firm stucci steel because now that there is a whole investigation involved and everything- he doesn’t want to be involved…if this guy is a criminal they should just put him in jail…

  13. qweda ray sunshine | September 18, 2009 at 5:59 pm | Reply

    Bmad I agree with you completely. Except for the part about the Unabomber, he’s a fugly older bastard but everything else you said was perfect. You’re great on here, breath of fresh air. 🙂

  14. I care about the Yale girl and I think your paragraph about it is pretty fucked up to be honest.

  15. You’re a douche who’s seriously insensitive to the ENDING OF SOMEONE’S LIFE through violence. You’d rather lust over the murder suspect. Fuck you. Graydon was way better.

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