!! OMG, how misleading: Circumcision Preventing AIDS !!

Not long ago we found out Bill Gates was SUBSIDIZING CIRCUMCISION in Africa in the name of AIDS prevention. This technique, however, has been declared ineffective for gay men by the CDC. So don’t get it twisted, just cause you’re cut don’t mean you’re safe!
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4 Comments on "OMG, how misleading: Circumcision Preventing AIDS"

  1. It was largely misleading regardless. Wearing a condom is FAR more effective than the claimed advantage even in the best case. It is one thing to suggest that being cut is an advantage in areas in Africa where there won’t be condom use, but suggesting it was ever a good option in western countries was just silly.
    The original claim is one I eye suspiciously too. Just when all the other supposed benefits to circumcision had been refuted and circ rates were steadily falling in the US especially, along come doctors who now claim it helps prevent HIV. Uh huh sure. Are HIV infection rates lower amongst straight men in countries where a majority of adult men are cut than in countries where they aren’t? No? Why, I’m shocked!
    About $4,000 is what the US medical system gets for spending a few minutes cutting off a baby’s foreskin.

  2. Um, I thought the CDC report actually recommended the OPPOSITE. HIV transmission rates are LOWER for the circumcised.

  3. It has in MANY previous studies been proven that circumcision in men can almost cut infection rates in half. They are now saying this only to stigmatize being a gay man, as well as the practice of getting circumcised.
    I have read a lot of literature on this subject and know the results of this study. it is very biased and lacks the scientific results that in any country except the US would have been seen as no more than a theory. it is entertaining that this has been given any sort acknowledgment, but then we are speaking of the US, where gays are officially accepted but behind closed doors the government screws us in many ways (no pun intended.
    personally i live in Sweden, and the majority of the population is uncircumcised, yet many men choose to do so at an adult age because of the proven benefits.
    it will take many, many studies that prove the CD study to even begin to convince me, and those studies can not be made my the CDC but instead an international health organization. What ever the results are they should be made in the best interest for all, and not a few conservative shit holes in Washington. POWER TO THE RAINBOW!!!

  4. so graydon, are you cut or uncut? i would guess uncut. hot!

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