!! OMG, how naughty: French Hyundai commercial !!

Having a driver-accessible reclining lever for the passenger seat doesn’t seem like a very useful feature in a car until you watch this French commercial for Hyundai cars. (Thanks to CB for the tip!)

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7 Comments on "OMG, how naughty: French Hyundai commercial"

  1. you guys have to be joking.
    do the swedish names and the word STOCKHOLM at the beginning not give away the fact that this is actually a Swedish commercial? And you still haven’t even bothered correcting yourselves?

  2. it was new to me Mike, and I imagine to many others. Funny…didnt see that end coming at all.

  3. It’s actually a swedish add from a few years ago.
    What can I say, sometimes you gotta love our commercials.
    First time commenter btw, so I’ll also say thanks for the wonderful site.

  4. Hye,
    I wanna just to say that it’s not a french commercial for Huyndai.
    Yes, it’s a french song but nothing else.
    I love OMG.

  5. This is an oldie but goodie, predates YouTube, I believe. Does anyone know the artist/song that’s the background music?

  6. Oh my, how saucy! I’ve had 2 Hyundai’s – I’ll never look at them the same again… 😉

  7. How old is this? Glad to see this site is keeping current and not playing dated videos.
    Looks like OMG has jumped the shark and is quickly running out of ideas for posts.

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