!! OMG, how not funny: C*cksucking ‘Saw’ Parody from Upright Citizens Brigade !!

Okay, so the PR people for the Upright Citizen’s Brigade sent me this Saw parody clip this morning. Normally I wouldn’t post something that is so painfully unfunny, but I am curious whether you think I’m overreacting by being slightly offended by it in addition to not LOLing? I don’t know, it’s just kind of like if you want to go ahead and make your casually homophobic parody sketches feel free to do so, but if you must do this could you keep the clips to yourself and your community of pubeless fratboys friends? Having your PR people send them to this obviously fagged-out blog and expecting me to laugh at them is kind of actually f*cking annoying!
Of course, I would totally laugh at casual homophobia if it was actually funny, cause I don’t care, I’ll laugh at anything. I mean right? But sucking dick is not automatically funny. Sorry guys! It’s just not! Try doing it sometime and you will see!
Am I just being totally uptight here? Cause it’s definitely possible that I’m just in a bad mood today.

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20 Comments on "OMG, how not funny: C*cksucking ‘Saw’ Parody from Upright Citizens Brigade"

  1. Not funny at all. I agree with Pablo: this had the potential to be funny, but the hacky writing and the overreacting killed it.

  2. I thought it was kinda funny.

  3. I don’t think it’s funny and I think it’s totally fucked up. C’mon, he wrestles him down and then he exclaims “after I’m dead put your dick in my mouth”? Was this written by a skinhead? It’s not ok, it’s not alright. Let’s stop excusing this kind of horseshit away. It’s sick.

  4. V says :
    It’s not funny !
    It’s not offensive but it is very STUPID

  5. I am so sorry, they’re, happy?
    Now please pull your panties out of your crack. My comment was meant to be tongue in cheek. I had heard that civility was dead on the web, I guess it’s true. If having a different opinion makes me an ignorant traitor then mea culpa.
    I did not realize you supported the “gratuitous objectification” of women. There is plenty of beefcake in popular media [albeit not at the levels of cheesecake]. Of course not all gays are predatory any more than all straights. Perhaps the skit was meant for a more sophisticated audience than it has found here. Humor is often found in exaggeration, of course you have to be open to it if you want a laugh.

  6. Olins, olins, olins.
    “The only objection I could think of was showing gays as predatory. Now take a look at all of the naked straight guy photos you post and tell me their wrong.”
    I don’t know what’s more offensive to me, your ignorance or your misuse of “their.”
    This is what we call a double standard. Straight porn is out there all the time. One need look no further than any Hardee’s ad (or any beer ad for that matter) to find the gratuitous objectification of women.
    Yet when a gay man enjoys a nude man on a gay-oriented website (seeing as there is an utter lack of representation in mainstream media), ALL gays suddenly become predatory.
    I hope you’re not gay, because the thing that bothers me more than straight people perpetuating harmful stereotypes are gay traitors who buy into that trash.
    And done.

  7. You’re not being uptight, it’s totally NOT funny.

  8. Not that funny, but not offensive. The only objection I could think of was showing gays as predatory. Now take a look at all of the naked straight guy photos you post and tell me their wrong. There is plenty out there to be offended by but this isn’t it.

  9. Neither funny nor offensive.

  10. I thought the premise was pretty funny, but they botched the execution. It was went on way too long.

  11. It does actually bug be that straight guys still think gay guys want to suck their dicks so damn badly, even in the face of death, but I’m not going to get angry or bitchy about it. Looking at this tape from a comedy point of view, the guy in the blue shirt WAS pretty funny and had his moments, the other dude was a good straight man and did a good job with his bit, the timing was good and they wrapped it up in a timely manner. I did in fact laugh once out loud.
    I am just tired of straight guys with their minds on one thing, us sucking their dicks. Get over it already, some of us gay guys have given up on that thought a LLLOOOOONNNNGGG time ago.
    Having said that I would now like to possibly suck that dark haired guys dick. and scene.

  12. not that funny, and not really their target audience here. i don’t find offensive, except to my taste in comedy.

  13. Not funny. It’s not even (only?) the homophobia involved. It’s just not funny. Replace it with a straight couple and hetero sex, and it still wouldn’t be funny. Now, replace it with two talking green M&Ms?? “Eat my shell?” Now that’s funny.

  14. Meh. Pretty average. I didnt find it offensive, but didn’t find it funny. I agree that it was incredibly weird to send that to you. Take your daughter to work day at UCB maybe?

  15. yeah that was fucking stupid and i used to like UCB. As far as being offensive… eh, i dont think its inherently offensive but it is a little bit off putting that they sent that to you for the site. i think i was more just stupidity on their part than trying to offend though.

  16. Not funny.

  17. I’m with you. It was offensive, not only as a gay man, but human being who enjoys the funny. Why? Why’d they kill off the funny?

  18. stop being so serious. it was pretty funny.

  19. I agree, not that funny, and of course the fag HAS to die in the end. Kinda stupid actually.

  20. Hilarious actually. You must be in a bad mood.

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