!! OMG, how peaceful: Liza Minnelli !!

This is the first I’ve heard of Liza Minnelli‘s 80s pop music career, but I’m so glad I did! Wait for the amazing middle section where she is wrapped in miles of sky blue silk dancing on a sea of clouds. It’s something out of my dreams. DON’T DROP BOMBS! (Thanks to Stephen R., or “mama” as he is affectionately known, for the tip!)

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12 Comments on "OMG, how peaceful: Liza Minnelli"

  1. OMG is right, this album was huge, it’s like the Pet Shop Boys except Liza is the only one with a penis, you must have discovered masturbation the week this album came out, there can be no other excuse to being gay and not know about it. Hugs

  2. I was growing up in the 80’s, I remember a LOT of pop music, and honestly, sweetie, saying she had an “80’s pop music career” is something of an overstatement.

  3. Are you sure you’re gay? Obviously you missed that day at gay school. Time to take your membership card away.
    Who’s the guy in the video, he must of appeared naked someplace…..

  4. I think Every Gay man over 35 owns a copy of the Results Album !

  5. If you liked that cd. Look for an early 90’s Pet Shop Boys Produced cd of Dusty Springfield. It too was amazing!!

  6. Liza should have stuck with this type of music because Results is the best album she ever did. I wish she’d put some of these songs in her concerts.
    Order Results from UK sites for a newly remastered CD with bonus tracks, plus a DVD of the three videos.

  7. Don’t drop bombs baby, don’t drop bombs…how could you not know.

  8. Liza’s album “Results” is actually very good. It was produced by the Pet Shop Boys, so it has to be.
    “Losing My Mind” is quite possibly the campiest song you’ll ever hear. It’s written by Stephen Sondheim, mixed by the Pet Shop Boys and performed by Liza.

  9. You just NOW found out about Don’t Drop Bombs? I don’t know if to take away your gay card or renew it.

  10. this album is hot and was produced by the pet shop boys. check out the song ‘losing my mind’ too. love your blog.

  11. This is from her album that was produced entirely by the pet shop boys.

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