!! OMG, what a douchebag: Jay Leno !!

Jay Leno not only still thinks telling gay jokes on national television is okay, he thinks it’s funny. Here is a transcript of a key moment of the above video, courtesy of Jeff Whitty:
JAY: Can you give me like — say that camera is your gay lover — number two —
PHILLIPPE: Wait a second. Wait a second.
JAY: Can you give me your gayest look? Say that — say that camera is Billy Bob — Billy Bob has just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming.
(Your sycophantic audience hoots with laughter at the idea of a strapping lad like Phillippe giving a “gay look.”)
PHILLIPPE: Wow. That is so something I don’t want to do. Are you just going to embarrass me tonight, or —
JAY: No, I got more stuff. This is the least of it.
(via Towleroad)
UPDATE: Leno has apologized for his remarks after GLAAD got all up in his face.

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19 Comments on "OMG, what a douchebag: Jay Leno"

  1. I sensed abit of tension there 😀 .. Ryan looked REALLY p*ssed lool.. now what a show it would have been if he had walked off! But i do reckon thats the last visit Ryan is paying to Mr Leno lol!!
    P.S – Ryan’s hot stuff 😉

  2. Yeah, no kidding. Nothing offensive about it at all.
    Get your panties out of a twist.
    People have laughed over other truly offensive crap posted here in the past.
    Although, Jay isn’t really that funny to begin with. lol

  3. give me a break…what about all you “straight acting” fags out there. no one is offended by that

  4. i wish he would have left, when he threatened too, and i hope he never graces that homophobes’ stage again, and i stopped watching this show after the second show he hosted.

  5. I agree with sasha, it makes Leno look bad as a host. Gone are the days when a talk show host strived to make his guest feel welcome enough to open up and reveal a side of themselves to the audience we wouldn’t normally see. Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin, not to mention Johnny Carson were masters at it. Now, the format serves as a torture devise to humiliate and embarass the guest who’s forced to be on the show to plug their latest gig. I feel for Phillippe. No one wants to be put on the spot on national television for any reason. Leno, O’Brian, Letterman, etc. all resort to small minded “punking” to get reactions and ratings. I haven’t watched any of them in years and I’m glad I haven’t.

  6. Didnt anyone else notice that Ryan had a ‘Testitoe’ going on… male version of cameltoe if you didnt know… not such a little boy

  7. not funny. a little low. am i offended? no. why should i be offended? i have much better things to worry about than an ignoramus who gets a late-night spotlight…. and besides, if it was meant to be insulting, it wasn’t very good at it…. lighten up, guys. don’t get your panties in a twist. (lol sorry; couldn’t resist since we are on topic)
    btw what the hell did he mean by #2?!?! who is #1?!?!

  8. Oh sheesh, Jay was just riding Ryan about his first acting job. I don’t view is as even close to homophobic. I’m not at all offended. He was jabbing Ryan about a job he’d had as a gay character on a soap. If he’d played a cowboy would it have been offensive to ask to hear a southern accent? What I’d wondered is why he rode Ryan so hard on three different issues. Almost like there ws something personal. Either that or Ryan brought the footage with him as celebs sometimes do, hoping to remind people who the heck he is.

  9. Jay Leno is not as desperate for laughs about gay jokes as much as Conan O’ Brien.
    I do believe that there is no given night that O’ Brien has ever stopped making fun of gay people. If his original “scripted joke” did not solicit any laughter from the audience, he will turn the joke into something “gayish” which I think he truly believes is funny.
    I am surprised that no one has noticed that to this day because I have heard him on so many nights doing exactly just that.
    I am not a fan of his but since he comes after Jay’s, I just leave the channel unchanged and turn the volume down.
    Now, that is a real “douche bag!”
    Watch him on any night and you will see what I mean. And this is not a joke!

  10. Okay, well, it is sort of offensive, to me, in the sense that he wouldn’t ask Will Smith, for example, to give him his “blackest look”, would he? Or, would he ask Jerry Seinfeld to give him his “jewishest” look? Or, what if an actor was playing a mentally challenged person and was guesting. I cannot imagine Leno asking that actor to give him his most “retarded” look. People would scream at him. But somehow it’s okay to make fun of us? Maybe I should lighten up, but I am REALLY tired of being their joke.
    Having spent much of my childhood and high school years cringing when straight guys decided to “act gay” etc., when I see something like this, I just want them to shut up. I don’t think it is okay when straight people make jokes about us. I hated it when they did it on “In Living Color” too. And it’s not like they are in on the joke, like on “Will and Grace.” Instead they are using us AS the joke. To me that is the difference. I guess everyone of us has a different tolerance level, but when I see something like this, I just shake my head and sigh.

  11. That makes Jay look bad as a host…

  12. Jay Leno really has a problem with knowing when he’s crossing a line. I stopped following it when he started making fun of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in 2000. And that just proves it. I actually find the other comments before your transcripted part more offensive because he sounds very prejudiced underneath but like he’s trying to hide it.

  13. WRITE to NBC and complain. WRITE to NBC and complain. I did as soon as I saw this clip, about a week ago now. HOPEFULLY many have done the same. Jeff Whitley, the creator of Avenue Q, just wrote ANOTHER open letter to Leno, about his HORRID homophobia. He wrote one about 2 years ago. Inspired by Jeff, I’ve written SEVERAL letters to NBC, over the past couple years, when I learn that Leno’s homophobia has shown its ugly face, yet again. I, needless to say, do not watch his show.
    Check out Jeff Whitley.

  14. The network is getting to him! He’s never been funny, but now it’s just embarrassing to let it go on.

  15. Oh bahhh this is nothing. Jay is funny and likes to poke fun. Leave him alone. But yay for that commercial, huh?

  16. Oh please …. where’s your sense of humor! LIGHTEN UP!

  17. As much as I am guilty of, shall we say, “overuse” of the word “Douchebag,” I must admit in this case it is called for. Jay, you’re a big-chinned douche.

  18. Ok, Leno is going on my FUCK YOU list.

  19. This is supposed to be offensive? Give me a fucking break.

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