!! OMG, how pink: New Amanda Lepore Video !!

Amanda Lepore’s new video for the single “Cotton Candy” is definitely saccharine. With all that pink and black on Amanda and Cazwell this video looks like it was made for !! OMG !!
Scooped from Joe.

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7 Comments on "OMG, how pink: New Amanda Lepore Video"

  1. This is what Christina Uglyera wishes she was

  2. Now THAT’S how you rock the vintage look! The video is total eye candy!
    I loved it!

  3. For some reason I like this song much better than that Champagne song she did a couple of years ago… And is Cazwell wearing a wig or that’s his real hair? He looks so much hotter with hair on his head!

  4. At one time I thought she and Jocelyn Wildenstein were sisters or somthing.
    the video was pretty. But not her.

  5. My eyes! My ears!

  6. Ugggh! That was total crap.. when is her 15 minutes of fame over with?

  7. Ugh…gross, she is FUGLY!

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