!! OMG, how plasticine: AQUAAEROBIKA !!

Moscow club sensation AQUAAEROBIKA turns it out in this YouTube video. If you aren’t familiar with them, read this quote from their MySpace:

Aquaaerobika is a project synthesizing art-performance and electronic music. It’s founder is Moscow based artist – Sasha Frolova. She presents herself in the show in animated style image of silicone blonde, universal superwoman from the future with ultra-abilities. The plot of the show is endless computer game in which the main character travels through parallel worlds of future and talks about it’s feelings, dreams, love and hope of finding it. Electro-pop, 8bit, disco-house and avant-garde sometimes quite abstract texts are mixed with a vivid spectacular performance based on images of postmodernism.

Quite a mouthful… Try reading it in Russian!

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  1. this is actually kind of cool, i like post modern art

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