!! OMG, how progressive: German Penguins !!

Thanks to CB for the tip!
These gay penguins in a German zoo are not only living openly and freely as a couple, but have recently adopted a little baby chick penguin to raise after a straight penguin pair rejected it. It always seems to be Germany leading the way in sexual revolution, no matter what species!

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  1. Actually, in 1998 at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, the same thing happened. There names were Roy and Silo and one of the zookeepers (Rob Gramzay) gave them a fertile egg laid by a “straight” couple who already had an egg (they couldn’t take care of both eggs). The egg hatched and her name is Tango.
    They made an excellent children’s book about their story called “And Tango Makes Three” by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell. I got a copy off of amazon.com.

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