!! OMG, How Protective: Winston guards the bananas !!

Hey,” I bet you’re wondering. “Where is the video of that 12-year-old boy singing the song by Lady Gaga?! Shouldn’t it be on OMG Blog?
Well, yes and no! While it is to some extent in our wheelhouse, I have recently instituted a policy at this blog of sing a song besides Lady Gaga. Not that I don’t kneel at the shrine of Our Lady like everyone else, it’s just that there really are a lot of other songs to choose from, so why not sing one of those? No I’m serious! This applies especially to Bad Romance, which was never even my favorite to start with.
At the same time, I realize that it is my duty to bring you the video of the 12-year-old boy singing the song by Lady Gaga in his school talent show. So I will do so. I’m just not putting it after the front page. A girl has to have his standards, and therefore it’s after the jump. Above, I instead bring you a video of a famous blogger’s cat sleeping in a fruit bowl and guarding a bunch of bananas. (Which reminds me, Frank– we haven’t seen Andy in awhile, now have we?!)
Winston via FourFour, read on for boy doing Gaga…

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4 Comments on "OMG, How Protective: Winston guards the bananas"

  1. maru & winston beat that kid with the biebercut any day. sure, the kid can sing… but i bet he’s a nightmare to hang out with… unlike the cats, who are quite possibly entertaining and/or lovable every tic of the tock. more power to mary with the voice, but i’m on team kitten with you.

  2. i have an OMG cat video for you. its a new web series entitled Craigslist Masterpiece Theater, or CLMT for short. and this weeks video is disturbingly funny.

  3. winston is pr00shussssss

  4. how did justin bieber get a record deal before this kid?

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