!! OMG, First Annual OMG Award for Commenting Excellence !!

Our pal Doree Shafrir has just written a very informative piece in New York magazine analyzing the various commenting communities of this old internet. While it’s a great article, I’m a little offended that she failed to include the vibrant and incisive community of commenters here at OMG Blog in her roundup. Doree must not be that interested in neverending, pointless debates about circumcision no matter what the actual topic at hand. Her loss!

In the past 8 months or so of doing this job, though I don’t weigh in on the comments all that much, I’ve read every single one of your delightful notes and even developed certain favorite commenters. (Not to mention UNFAVORITES– but that’s another story!)

That’s why I’ve decided on this 11th day of May, 2010 (Mercury direct again, yo!) to award the first ever OMG Award for Commenting Excellence.
Who will be the historic first-everrecipient of this prestigious honor? I’ll give you a hint: it’s a longtime reader who has brought rapier wit, a keen attention to detail, and an almost psychotically singleminded devotion to celebrity peen to our thriving comment threads. Could it be you?!


OMG Reader Shannon!

That’s right! Shannon is a commenter who has something to say! She (I guess Shannon is a she!) will not stop until she’s brought her unique point of view to bear on every teeny peen that graces the cyber-pages of OMG Blog! And they’re all teeny to Size Queen Shannon!

Here’s a sampling of Shannon’s thoughts on various and sundry penises the day:

Their peens look VERY small and skinny…..yuck
Shannon OMG, They’re More Naked T… Oct 7 2009

YUCK…..skinny…dirty….small weeny….throw it back
Shannon OMG, He’s Naked: Ben Whis… Oct 19 2009

ABOUT TIME you posted a pic of a man who actually has a “dick”!….lol….and not some nerdy….pale…skinny…flat assed dork….who you call “sexy” at every turn….KUDOS
Shannon OMG, is he naked?: Jamie … Oct 19 2009

Shannon OMG, He’s Naked: Cory Mon… Oct 20 2009

WTF are you guys talking about???? WHy is when some pale ugly guy takes hit short off or shows his ass you FALL THE HELL OUT??? THIS DUDES IS PALE…..FALT….WIDE….SAGGING….FLABBY…..GROSS….DOUGHY….AND PLAIN DISGUSTING!!!! Get real dudes….you CANNOT be that desperate can you??? There is >>NOTHING<< hot about this guy!!!
shannon OMG, he’s naked: Matthew … Oct 23 2009

WTF are you talking about AGAIN dudes? this yet another pasty…pale…flat ass and you guys are falling out??? JEEZ….
shannon OMG, He’s Naked Again: Da… Oct 27 2009

shannon OMG, He’s Naked: Carsten … Oct 29 2009

There is >>NOTHING<< perfect about his ass! It is flat like a pmacake and saggy…
shannon OMG, He’s Naked: David Gi… Nov 5 2009

Please tell him to put his clothes on! No body….tiny dick…flat ass….pale
shannon OMG, He’s Naked: Daisy of… Dec 11 2009

There is nothing hot….sexy….or handsome about his skinny pale ass!
shannon OMG, his butt: Gabriele R… Apr 5

what a TINT ASS DICK!!
shannon OMG, He’s Pleasuring Hims… Apr 14

shannon OMG, His Butt: Nicholas H… 6 days ago

Guys….what is hot about this guy??? He has hips like a woman and tiny uncut weeny! You guys are so desperate!
shannon OMG, he’s naked: Lefteris… 1 day ago

Congratulations Shannon, and thank you for your contributions! Please email me to claim your golden OMG Blog Hot Dog Down a Hallway Trophy! As to the rest of our valued commenters– you’re all winners to me but there can be only one award. Until next year!


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3 Comments on "OMG, First Annual OMG Award for Commenting Excellence"

  1. Wearerobots | May 12, 2010 at 5:18 am | Reply

    Qu’est-ce que c’est ‘cut’?

  2. lulz. Well done.
    I was hurt at first that it wasn’t me, until I got it.

  3. I think BMad is cut… which is gross… but I can’t tell from the pictu…..
    Wait… what was the topic again?

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