!! OMG, how quotable: Kimora Lee Simmons !!

In reference to her new, higher-priced line of clothing “KLS”:
“Think of the hottest, most fabulous Fabergé egg, like the ones that I have at home,” she said. “That’s this line.”
There is too much that is funny about this statement; I will let it stand on its own. (Source)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how quotable: Kimora Lee Simmons"

  1. I have never, ever, ever, met anyone who has anything good to say about her or would buy anything associated with her. I picture her husband having entire warehouses full of her shit that she’s bought so that she thinks she has her own career. Or maybe we just don’t have enough skank where I’m from…that couldn’t be.

  2. I just think Kimora is such a mutt…seriously…

  3. I can see my reflection in her skin.

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