!! Pickle Surprise! !!

Where’s the pickle? It’s a question for the ages. (Thanks to Kristen for the tip!)

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12 Comments on "Pickle Surprise!"

  1. Haammmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol! I love this! My friends and I have been laughing about this for weeks!

  2. I am really annoyed that you haven’t even taken a minute to address Anna Nicole’s recent tragedy. What are we supposed to do? Quit jerking us around and get on it! We have no where else to turn!

  3. Funny as shit! Classic RuPaul, Lady Bunny, et. al. Love it!!!

  4. Varla Jean Merman is soooo beautiful.

  5. Is that a very young Lady Bunny in this video? It could be none other.

  6. what the hell was that?

  7. that was disturbing…

  8. that was disturbing…

  9. Wait…so someone actually wrote this shit down on a piece of paper and someone spent the money to make it?
    I give it a “Whaaat?” and an “Oh, brother!”

  10. Um….what the fuck?

  11. What kind of fucked up meth/crack/pot combo were they smoking when they made this stupid ass thing?

  12. Funny! Feels very ‘Vegas in Space’ to me.

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