!! OMG, how racist: Montgomery County !!

Sometimes I call homophobia racism just for funny laughs, but this is real racism and it’s not so hilarious.
Every year, since schools were racially integrated in 1971 in Montgomery County, there have been separate proms for the black and white students. Every year, including this year. And even though last year Morgan Freeman offered to pay for a racially integrated prom at the high school and the students welcomed the idea, a group of white parents held a separate and “private” white prom the same night.
It’s so insane! Read the full article at the NEW YORK TIMES.
Scooped from Sophie Dearest.

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6 Comments on "OMG, how racist: Montgomery County"

  1. OMG…Who Cares? Whites are free to host their own functions as are Blacks & Hispanics. Hmm…no one boo hoos about “Black History Month” or “Hispanic Heritage Fesitval”, but if whites were to host a “European Pride Fesitval” the PC Police would raid the party and label the organizers racist. So hypocritcal. Let’s worry more about Gay Rights and the Hetero’s neverending witch hunt via Voter Amendments!

  2. Sasha Langley | May 26, 2009 at 11:42 am | Reply

    It happens in my home of Valdosta GA as well. The Valdosta High School has two proms, one set up by the school is integrated but is known as the “black” prom while the “white” prom is invite only on the same night paid for by the white kids parents.

  3. does anyone else find it disturbing that the schools weren’t integrated until ’71? Brown v. BoE was in ’54 I believe.
    While the students and parents do have their rights to hold private parties that are racially segregated, any financial or publicity support on the part of the schools is criminal and the whole thing is disgusting.
    The worst part is that I wish I were more surprised…

  4. they do have the right to have their own prom but, when 99% of the u.s. isn’t having a segregated prom, donn’t they see that it’s racist. i am black and i can fight for everyone in this country to be free but, I wouldn’t be able to dance with my white friends? WTF!

  5. How awful, sometimes ‘traditions’ aren’t something to hold onto. When that generation of kids have children I wonder if it will change or will it just be a new set of 18 year olds blaming their parents for segregation.

  6. As fucked up as this sounds, these fucked up gringos have every right to schedule a party & not invite others.
    Its sad but they are entitled…
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

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