!! OMG, How Righteous: Lady sues her own church for performing gay marriages !!

This lady is such a grandmotherly idiot that you can’t be too mad at her, really. And her pastors seem really cool!
[Via Joe. My. God.]

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9 Comments on "OMG, How Righteous: Lady sues her own church for performing gay marriages"

  1. I don’t believe in this woman. Can I sue CNN because they did a story about her?

  2. As President Obama has urged, the black community needs to give more support for the civil rights of LGBT Americans.

  3. Don’t like it? LEAVE! The Church will be so better off without your backward beliefs.

  4. I can respect her opinion. We are all entitled to ours and don’t have to agree. At least instead of being closed minded she tried to understand by having gay friends, going to a gay wedding to better understand, and talking to her pastor. At the end when she respected the point her friend had made, it was very big of her, I’m sure she sees the similarities between AfricanAmerican civil rights and gays civil rights. I ain’t mad at grandma. Pretty much she said if its for you GREAT, but its not for me, so I’m going to peacefully go elsewhere.
    I don’t think money influenced her decision like a previous commenter said. 5

  5. She is hardly well spoken. Anyone who uses the bible to back up a claim they make is at least partially retarded. If she saw how hollow (incorrect, hypocritical, etc.) that bad piece of fiction actually is, she would realize that arguments based strictly on it are nil. Yes she’s entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t make the opinion correct. I could make an opinion on mudbloods based on harry potter. At least the information in the potter books is relatively consistent. But would my reasoning stand up anywhere? No, because it would be based on fiction (not to mention we’re all “mudbloods”). So what makes this justification okay?

  6. Really Steve? People are allowed to have opinions? It’s people’s OPINIONS that they VOTE on, meaning that your right to get married is jeopardized because of people like her who haven’t even thought through their prejudices. And when, in your book, is an opinion NOT OKAY? Is it okay if my opinion is that women are inferior beings who belong in the home and don’t deserve the right to vote? Is it okay if my opinion is that slavery was a boon to American society and we should bring it back? It’s because of apathetic, wishy-washy, do-nothing gays like Steve who don’t appreciate the courage and hard work of our predecessors and try to continue it that we’re still a marginalized group.

  7. I think she is a selfish, bitter and egotistical religious nut that saw $$$$ and then actually thought about it for a bit. She decided to leave the church? Really? Like they would want you to stay after you initially tried to sue them? REALLY? SELFISH and hate-filled!

  8. To be honest, she’s perfectly acceptable in my book. She doesn’t support gay marriage, but that’s an opinion and people are allowed to have opinions. At least she admits that the gay rights movement is sort of like what she had to go through, so she isn’t completely stupid. And she’s well-spoken! Better than Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck.

  9. I love how you can see her mind exploding when her worldview is called into question when she’s discussing similarities between blacks and gays. I bet she thought a bit more about it after the interview, at least.

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