!! OMG, how Roy Orbison: the new k.d. lang album !!

If you live in Canada and you’ve listened to public radio in recent years then k.d. lang‘s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is your alternate national anthem. I know it’s a beautiful song and I know our master of erotic despair needs the royalties and all but SO OVER IT. In fact, I’m so numb to the song now that every time I hear anyone covering it I want to kick a puppy. Dear CBC: I am no longer crying into my breakfast cereal. Can I get an AMEN?
Thankfully, the nation can finally move on because k.d. lang has a new album called Sing It Loud and it’s full of Roy Orbison country swagger. Moreover, the video for its gorgeous lead single “I Confess” is set in a Hollywood strip club frequented by hot young lesbians prone to sexy sud fights. Long-time fans should note this is the first album lang has written and recorded with band in 20 years and it’s seriously good (seriously). Also of note: this album might make The Lower Cased One the first Officer of the Order of Canada to sing “I’ll be your daddy.”
Sing It Loud is out April 12 via Nonesuch.
Total non-sequitor after the jump!

This is not very gay but ever since I saw a female stripper do a really depressing routine to Kanye West’s “Spaceship”, I’ve become a sucker for music vids set in sad-looking strip clubs…

… or maybe it is a bit gay. (All my recent gay strip club experiences have been a bit sad.)

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