!! OMG, How Russian: Vilena-style Photos !!

The greatest trend is sweeping Russia, and I sure hope it makes its way to our sunny shores! According to English Russia:

It all has started after the lady from the photo above has posted her photo on Russian social network. She became popular very fast for this photo. Some people say because of her enormous bottom compared to face, some say just because of the look of her eyes, some are sure that just in overall this photo is cool. Now, hundreds of Russian ladies try to make a photo in such position, as you can see below. The call it “to make Vilena-style photo” – Vilena that’s the name of the first girl.

It’s a weird hobby but I suppose it’s better than Communism! English Russia has a billion pictures of other Russian ladies in their wacky Vilena-style photos. Click over to see.
(Thanks to Kristen for the tip.)

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