!! OMG, how scandalous: Gay Porn at Buckingham Palace !!

Queen Elizabeth was informed that one of her staff-members, Robert Wilson, was looking at some lewd imagery. Wilson, the Senior Under Butler to the Silver and Gilt Pantry (don’t know what that is but it sounds important), was caught red-handed and then demoted to Dining Room Assistant and lost his garden-view apartment at the palace:

Wilson decided to sneak a peek on his laptop after he had just finishing serving Her Majesty and Prince Philip their afternoon tea. Bummer. The whistle blower (no pun intended) was the Sergeant Footman (don’t ask, probably picks out her shoes!) who happened to have walked in during the screening.

Damn that Sergeant Footman! He’s probably a jilted lover. Or maybe just a royal prude.
Thanks SCOTT.

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2 Comments on "OMG, how scandalous: Gay Porn at Buckingham Palace"

  1. This shouldn’t be all that surprising, anyone who looks at pornography while at work or on duty should expect some kind of disciplinary action. Unless of course that is in your job description lol.

  2. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that there’s anything gay about the Royals or their hangers-on.
    In particular, there was the juicy tale about gay orgies on the former Royal Yacht Britannia:

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