!! OMG, how scary: Avril Lavigne’s make-up !!

Out of all the years that Canadian rebel girl singer Avril Lavigne has tried to be a bad-ass and scare people, this is the first time that she has succeeded (with me, anyway). Her eyelashes look like they’re about to jump off her face and eat me.
See a close-up after the jump.

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6 Comments on "OMG, how scary: Avril Lavigne’s make-up"

  1. OMG i loooove da dress, but the eyes- I DONT THINK SO, go bak 2 ur normal full on mascara and eyeliner hun. luv ya ur mi role model cya xxx

  2. it’s cool!!! i am just about 2 make my self up just as Avril!!! Avril, ur the B.E.S.T!!!

  3. I have 2 words for you:

  4. I kind of like it. 😐 I just wish she’d have picked a color that was closer to her dress for the false eyelashes.

  5. She looks like she is trying to rip off Amy Lee. The dress with the combat boots, and the heavy eyeliner. She’s just a copy cat.

  6. Yikes. She’s not even trying anymore to look punk rock. She looks like a scary version of that witch from the beginning of Wizard of Oz.

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