!! ‘Les petits cochons’ !!

This probably-NSFW French German short film is a clever illustration of the perils of having gay sex in your parents’ house. No wonder Europeans always do it in their cars. (via Fresh Hotness)

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  1. ok… the guys are part of a trio called GESCHWISTER PFISTER (which means PFISTER SIBLINGS, pfister being the surname). the boys are toni and ursli (brothers separated during their childhood but reunited after toni was raised in the mountains of switzerland and ursli in texas). toni is married to fräulein schneider, an ex-beauty queen from bulgaria… i have seen them 5 times. they are WONDERFUL! in real life the boys are together, or at least they were… currently ursli is touring in drag as URSULA WEST, a country music singer from kentucky, telling her tragic life story and singing a histerical selection of country tunes. http://www.geschwister-pfister.de

  2. nice one! (especially the guy on the bed 🙂
    (btw. googled for it: it’s a german shortfilm from 1998 and won some prices)

  3. 🙂 It’s actually German, but still very funny.

  4. It’s a sad commentary to see OMG mistake German for French! Look at the credits and listen to the song text – I teach German and I speak French – trust me on this!

  5. It’s German, not French. Its real name is Ferkel, which means piglets, which means les petits cochons. I think it was on Boys Briefs 2, definitely my favorite from it. http://imdb.com/title/tt0346979/
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  6. except it’s German

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