!! OMG, how scary: Cats !!

Check out these terrifying Sphynx kitties. More after the jump.
I still love them.
Thanks to Minh for the tip.


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3 Comments on "OMG, how scary: Cats"

  1. I love those cats so much and would love to have one. They require a lot of extra care for their skin but they are very smart and loving.
    I use to have a Cornish Rex (Hey Dude) RIP..and he had that odd look and when people would come over they would all ask
    WHAT is wrong with your cat?

  2. Your photos of ‘scary’ sphynx cats are taken from a web site belonging to a good friend of mine, Michelle Berg. She breeds Sphynx and I have many of her kittens and cats from over the years. I have quite a few Sphynx photos of my own posted on my web site in the Photography section titled AROUND THE HOUSE. (Page 3 especially) While at my site, in the same section, check out the 3 YouTube segments where several of my hairless cats make cameo appearances.

  3. mariah scarey | August 4, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    that is an abomination. Gross.

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