!! OMG, how scary: Grace Jones !!

I never knew how much Grace Jones could look like Marilyn Manson until I saw the above clip from the movie Vamp. It’s a quintessential piece of ’80s performance art, and I suspect the high point of the film. (Thanks to Kevin for the tip!)

If you were wondering what Ms. Jones has been up to lately, find out after the jump!

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11 Comments on "OMG, how scary: Grace Jones"

  1. Because she’s not pretending to be a white person – she’s a vampire. DUH.

  2. she is in whiteface!!!!!! isnt that reverse racism? that would not fly if it was the other way around

  3. the old gal still has it ! why isn’t anyone recording her ?!

  4. Also, check the final scene where she dies and her skeletal hand rises from the ground to give the hero the middle finger one… last… time.
    AND check her deep reading of the character on the Today show with Bryant Gumbel. Hilarious considering she was in the movie for like 15 minutes and has no dialogue:

  5. I so rember this when I was in high school, and had no clue who kieth herring was but somehow it made alot of sence to a young queer boy back then thanks for the memories

  6. Ahhhh, but the real truth is: Marilyn looks a lot like Grace Jones!

  7. mariah scarey | May 11, 2007 at 6:54 pm | Reply

    Ladies and Gentlmen…Ms. Grace Jones…SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM…I have all her albums and she is an artist in the greatest sense of the word. She recently released a 3-CD greatest hits collection and it is Fierce.

  8. she looks like natasha from antm!

  9. You mean:
    Marilyn Manson looks like Grace Jones.

  10. The DVD audio commentary for this scene is hilarious. The producers had no idea what she was going to do for the dance number – they just knew Keith Harring was taking a long time finishing her body paint in the dressing room.

  11. She is still one of the most original musical icons of our genereation. Never afraid to step out of the box. I love it!!!!

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