!! OMG, how scientific: Anti-evolutionists !!

Who knew that the theory of evolution could be disproved by a simple jar of peanut butter?

I also like this one, which co-stars former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron! Pay attention to the part about how God designed the banana to be narrow at the top for “ease of entry.”

(Thanks to Laura F. for the tips!)

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13 Comments on "OMG, how scientific: Anti-evolutionists"

  1. Why do they think that food disproves evolution?
    The only food that would make me believe in divine creation is a billion year old apple with Adam’s teeth marks in it.

  2. Well then, it would seem God really fucked up in making the apple and orange then

  3. Funny thing is, bananas didn’t look like that until humans took to breeding them and selecting them for their good qualities. And because of that selection, they can only reproduce with our help. Humans created the banana in his hand.
    Of course, there’s a one-word rebuttal to the banana argument: pineapple.
    And then the obvious jokes about other things that seem perfectly designed to fit down your throat….

  4. The banana slides right into human hands and it’s perfect shape for accent to human mouths.
    Jesus Christ!

  5. I love this. Its funny, I cant believe Kirk is still in the closet. I guess the whole jesus life keeps him in denial.

  6. Clearly the apple, which does not fit comfortably in any part of my body, is clear proof of atheism. Praise be to flying spaghetti monster!! 🙂

  7. I love how a banana was custom made for humans… cause we’re the only species that eat them, obviously. It is, indeed, the atheist’s nightmare.

  8. Even though the resolution isnt great, you can tell that Kirk cannot believe what this guy is saying with a straight face and wants to laugh his ass off.

  9. “Now bend over Kirk; with this wonder of God’s creations, I’ll show you who’s your daddy!”

  10. There may not be “new life” in a jar of peanut butter….but the jar of peanut butter probably has a higher iq than this moron. He’s obviously never looked in the back of my fridge after I’ve been away on vacation for 6 weeks,trust me,there’s all sorts of new life in there!

  11. my head hurts from how much this does not make sense.

  12. Evolution spans centuries. I hope that peanut butter hasn’t been around that long.

  13. The banana one was just funny, but the evolution one…there are no words to convey how much I don’t understand their point.

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