!! OMG, how secure: Enrique Iglesias !!

During a concert earlier this month at London’s famous G-A-Y venue, hottie crooner Enrique Iglesias serenaded one of the men from the audience with his song “Hero.” In the video, the fan is obviously pissing himself with excitement and Enrique gives him more than a little love. Watch it to see for yourself.
I never thought I would say this, but I think I’m now a fan of Enrique Iglesias, even if his music still sucks. (Thanks to Eber for the tip!)

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14 Comments on "OMG, how secure: Enrique Iglesias"

  1. I loved that shit …

  2. you all r fucking gsy people becoame chritian GOD made you to like girls noot guys so becomee an evangelists you gay whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. following Mattelboy’s comments ENCORE it seems from the clip that everybody loved it!

  4. WOW…..now I am really a fan of him….that was bold and impressive for being straight man

  5. He’s always done gay shit to get the media’s attention. In the 90s he started a rumour that he had a small penis. Then there was the time he sang off-key to a lip-synched song at some awards show and it was caught on the board feed and everyone said he couldn’t sing. So then he had to go on all these TV programs to ‘prove’ that he could sing. He admitted on Howard Stern that it was all a publicity stunt. But whatever, it worked.

  6. That song has got to be one of the schmaltziest ever written — now made even more cringe-inducing when sang to another male…
    To be fair, EI was asked about this performance when he went on The Graham Norton Show — and he did seem very cool about the whole thing. Although I’m not sure how I feel about the whole fake serenade thing — is that really him being “secure”, or just him being clever because of the venue? I don’t want a straight guy to serenade me if he isn’t gonna follow through… In fact, I wouldn’t want anyone, gay or not, to serenade me if he doesn’t mean it… (Maybe I’m just being too serious.)

  7. Yeah, my appreciation of him got boosted when I watched that last week. And then a week later I listened to his new album for work and it’s terrible. Bah-bow.

  8. i was there, and nothing happened after the concert, haha, enrique got him off the stage as soon as the song ended, it looked like he didnt want to make anyone suspicious, although he was pretty brave to do what he did to him! It takes a decent person with a GSOH to do something like that, its quite admirable, if only all straight guys could be that secure..

  9. BRAVO! This is what a true, secure, hetrosexual man is all about.

  10. I’d like to see him grab a muscle daddy instead of a lil uk twink

  11. enrique rules!
    he is a bright spot in the galaxy of stars today.
    enrique rules!

  12. Great video!
    Enrique is sexy, and it seems the fan had the time of his life… (Wonder what happened after the concert…)

  13. I am crying … there are some people we can remember. He just made the list.

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