!! OMG, how see-through: Britney’s top !!

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It shows off her newly lipo’d abs, but nothing else positive comes from this outfit (especially since this is not the first time she’s worn something like this)!
In other Britney Spears news, it seems she has cancelled her surprise come-back concert because she needs more time to have the rest of the fat sucked out of her to rehearse. (via Dlisted)

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5 Comments on "OMG, how see-through: Britney’s top"

  1. too bad.. she has a good voice

  2. yeaah,nothing new. what else can we expect from her?
    fist i saw a profile of her at Project Weight Loss and i thought she`s gonna change but neaaah.. it`s still britney

  3. what was she thinking? nothing i guess.
    when i thought she`s gonna go back to the right track..
    i`ve seen pictures of her on the profile at http://www.projectweightloss.com and she was totally changed and now.. too bad.

  4. This woman actually left the house looking like that? That’s “OMG” for reals!

  5. Worst idea ever. “Hey ya’ll how bout I make a comeback usin’ all my way ol’ songs and lipsync the whole event while bein’ a total Diva”.
    Love the hooker outfit, this comeback is making her look worse than when she was with KFed.
    Such a disappointment.

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