!! OMG, how rough: Modeling in Iowa !!

Modeling is a hard business anywhere in the world. It’s competitive, you have to work on your body all the time, and sometimes, when you don’t have an agency, photographers try to take advantage of you by making you dress up like a little girl or worse.
So watch out, Iowa ladies! If you are tempted into becoming one of the “Models of the Quad Cities,” you could end up in a compromising position like Debbie above, or Judy after the jump. (Thanks to Matt C. for the tip!)


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5 Comments on "OMG, how rough: Modeling in Iowa"

  1. Either I’ve been in LA for too long, or these folks are ROUGH!! Amy Jo, come on now…

  2. I spent several months in the Quad Cities a few years ago, and it’s true… for the area, these actually ARE the ‘good-looking’ people. Needless to say, I did NOT have a good time.
    I especially love the male model who is willing (more like anxious) to be hired for ‘eroctic’ work…

  3. lol! if you go to the website look at Karen B, so rough looking.
    I guess old hookers really do a second chance.

  4. Now, now, now…my good ole home town area celebrates! At least we aren’t Kansas!

  5. The funniest thing is how serious the photographer is about these pictures.
    He’s like…snap!…”oh, you looked fabulous darling”!

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