!! OMG, how self-important: Tweeting !!

So I have about a hundred and fifty outlets online from which to spout my innermost feelings, to say indirectly or passive-aggressively spiteful things, and to talk about how awesome I think I am. So I’m slightly afraid of TWEETING TOO HARD finding something I write and re-posting it for the whole world to see what a blow-hard I am. For example, here are some especially self-important Tweets:

@Anton: I seem to get two kinds of Twitter followers: People who want me, and people who want to be me.

@rjdanvers: “This film establishes RJ as one of the hottest stars (and bottoms) in gay porn history. I mean his scenes are Joey Stefano worthy.” Wow…

@tonywade: In fact, I was chatting with Rod Stewart, and he said, the only reason he watches and plays, is because it gets him away from the wife. True

@anton_chuvakin: is musing: I don’t mind to be known for my writing, but I hate to be known for my twittering…

Thanks Kevy.

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