!! OMG, how smutty: Fox News !!

In light of the recent Hannity and Colmes debate about a Wisconsin mother being arrested for teaching her 11-year-old about sex, this montage of porny moments on Fox News is that much more ironic.
It seems the folks at Brave New Films, the creators of the montage (you might remember their hit documentary OutFoxed), really hit a nerve with this one, as they actually got a response out of the Fox people, one fit for a potty-mouthed 11-year-old:
“Can you quote us so not giving a shit?”
And the Fox News smuttiness doesn’t end with the above video. Brave New Films has put together an entire (satirical, totally safe for work) porn site based around Fox’s promotion of scantily-clad women and tawdry behavior. The goal of course is to hurt their advertising through reader participation. Take part if you like.

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  1. That is absolutely insane. How can FOX news show such a thing during the day? Kind of pathetic if you ask me. Thanks for sharing though.
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