!! OMG, How Sneaky: Gringo Masks !!

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Hey Mexicans, Guidos/Guidettes, Goths, sunbaked Jewish grannies from Boca, Ganguro girls and everyone else who doesn’t happen to have blond hair and skin the color of Robert Pattinson’s glittery ass: crack open a can of salsa and mix yourself up a margarita because we have a great and important surprise for you!
Gringo Masks! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!
After all, now that existing while tan is now officially a crime in John McCain’s great state of Racistzona, it’s extra-important to be able to evade the pokey by looking super-white. And nothing says, Hey Papi, I’m legal! like a paper mask! Lucky for you, now there’s Gringomask.com, which provides a simple, no-fuss, no-muss solution to the problem of a less than lily complexion. Just print out the mask, glue a popsicle stick on it, wave it in front of your face and voila– no one would ever suspect you of habloing español!
Don’t delay! Print it out and slap it on right now and head out to enjoy your fun in the Tucson sun!
[Gringo Masks via Gothamist]

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7 Comments on "OMG, How Sneaky: Gringo Masks"

  1. Illegal immigration is a sign of the poor job that our Federal Government does enforcing our laws.
    Even sadder, a pregnant illegal alien can give birth to a baby with more rights then a U.S. Citizen who is gay.
    Proposition 8 is a hate crime.
    John McCain is a vote chaser and a turd, not a leader.
    Go Arizona!
    Janet Brewer for president!
    Immigration reform – free felony for everyone and amnesty for all prisoners, except Clifford. I hate that bitch!

  2. Actually Steve is correct to a point. A lot of people do think that “gringo” comes from what the Mexican soldiers called the American soldier because of their green uniforms, but it’s not so. If you go to any dictionary and look for the word “gringo,” you can read the etymology(origin) of the word. Merriam Webster states it as being a Spanish alteration from a Greek word. It just means impossible or difficult to understand. It was also used to refer to the Irish in Spain. I hope I don’t get attacked here, but I just wanted to comment on this and hopefully clear up some stuff 🙂

  3. The guy mask on left isn’t so much looking super-white as looking super-stoned…

  4. gringo dont derived from griega words, so dumb.
    during the mexican revolution ( begining of 20 century) the americans soldiers dress in green. and mexicans said, green go, meaning american leave. at the end gringo word..

  5. Steve shove a d*** up your mouth, who cares your the only one who thinks its racist. Hahahaha this is really funny Bmad thumbs way up!!!

  6. ah yes– racism against whites… the most offensive type of racism!

  7. Gringo is a racist term. In case you’re wondering it’s a Spanish slang word for foreigner (derived from Griega which means Greek).
    How would it be if I went down to Puerto Rico or Mexico or Guatamala and started calling the locals “foreigners”.
    Anglo isn’t any better since only about 1% of the USA is descended from Anglo-Saxons. How would it be if I went to Mexico and started calling the locals “Ricans”?

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