!! OMG, how softcore: Billy Baldwin and Sharon Stone !!

When you’re a teenager, you can find the most ridiculous things titillating, and for me one of those things was definitely the movie Sliver starring Sharon Stone and William Baldwin.

Take, for example, the scene in Billy’s apartment where Sharon Stone walks in pantiless (having given her underwear to Billy over dinner at a nice restaurant) only to be ambushed from behind by a fully nude Billy who had been hiding in the other room. Creepy, yes, but also worth watching.
See the NSFW action after the jump.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how softcore: Billy Baldwin and Sharon Stone"

  1. Hahaha! One of the movies that made me realize I was gay… I wanted to be Sharon Stone… or at least have access to all the cameras.

  2. Let’s say that Billy’s butts were quite nice to see…

  3. he does have a nice ass… or did.. not sure havent seen what he looks like now… but that was an ass and scene i liked

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