!! OMG, how sugary: Our Food !!

I love Cinnabon. I love Cinnabon so much. But I know some people who have a Coke with their Cimmy-bun and it makes me sick to my stomach. I want to push them in front of a train. You have to have either milk, tea, or coffee with your delicious heart-attack roll. That’s it. No exceptions. It’s about making the Cinnabon taste better. Drinking a Coke just competes with the sugar rush of the icing.
So, if you’re one of those people who ruins my life, just look at how much sugar you’re ingesting as represented in the above photos. And if you want to see how much sugar is in a lot of my other favourite foods, CLICK HERE to see foods reduced to their sugar cube content.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how sugary: Our Food"

  1. So Craig, just because an adult, who is free to choose what he/she drinks, chooses a Coke or Pepsi they are kids, Mormon or Quaker? Perhaps you lushes just have no tolerance for those of us who prefer not to drink alcohol.
    Grow up.

  2. coke a sweet inomin it harm the children ..

  3. Coke’s for kids. Soft drinks as a category are for kids (and Mormons and Quakers). They are “soft” drinks because as soon as one is old enough, one enjoys a true drink, something with caffeine or alcohol. It is nauseating to see grown-ups drinking Coke with a meal.

  4. thats true.. we eat lots of crab!! see ya! great blog.

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