!! OMG, how talented: 4Minute !!

4Minute is Korea’s answer to the Pussycat Dolls, but there are some key differences, mainly the absence of real singing and the addition of lasers. Is this the death of culture?

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9 Comments on "OMG, how talented: 4Minute"

  1. I love 4minute and they are very good at singing live. If your looking for the Korean pussycat dolls try looking up After school- Ah music video.

  2. I hate to admit that the beat is pretty good.
    Damn you Pop and your catchy hooks!

  3. maybe you should check out 2pm… so much sexiness

  4. i love that girls!!
    just watch a live video

  5. They’re actually really good live. I watched some live videos because I have swine flu and I’m bored. =/

  6. OMG Im so happy you put 4Minute on here! They and 2NE1 are amazing! I love K-Pop and J-Pop! These girls are amazing but still I see similarities in them and 2NE1! 😉

  7. Oh Jesus, half a minute gave me a headache…

  8. I will never understand this type of crap, the American groups sucked hard enough, then Europe had to churn out THEIR lipsyncing girl groups and now Asia? E-FREAKING-NUFF!

  9. Chair.
    Flashing lights.
    Epileptic inducing flashing.
    Fish eye effect.
    Vocoder effect.
    OMG!! it is like every technopop music video ever made rolled into one.

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