!! OMG how terrible: Bankrupt charity !!

An 8-year-old boy has bankrupted the Make-A-Wish Foundation by wishing for unlimited wishes. Apparently there is a “bureaucratic loophole” that the kid took advantage of and now the charity is defunct. When the organization took on lawyers to support the cause the lawyers were wished away by the child.
Whatever, that’s what I’d do. If I go down you’re all coming with me.

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7 Comments on "OMG how terrible: Bankrupt charity"

  1. ONION ftw!

  2. That can’t be real. That dumb bitch said hopefully he’ll die soon. Too fuckin’ funny

  3. for 5 seconds i was furious, until i realized it was brilliance from the onion… excellent. (phew!)

  4. “All bat mobiles ever.”
    “and and you know, the kid doesn’t even drive.”
    love it.

  5. I think he realises that.
    It was hilarious. The news casters was funniest at the end.

  6. If it was real, I wouldn’t give that brat a cent.

  7. This is a HOAX video produced by the Onion.com. Check out make a wish’s website. The organization is doing just fine.

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