!! OMG, how terrifying: Devil’s Swimming Pool !!

At Victoria Falls in Zambia there is a pool at the edge of the waterfall with a rock ledge that stops the current from sweeping you over the 100 meter drop. These photographs make my heart stop, and that top one is some WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE A KID? shit right there.
See a video of some people swimming in the pool after the jump.

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8 Comments on "OMG, how terrifying: Devil’s Swimming Pool"

  1. OMG!! that is the most breath taking pool I have ever seen…my gosh!

  2. grandpa is in speedo…
    yah… scary!

  3. Looks totally awesome.

  4. that grandpa has a nice ass…yum! gross, hes an old man, but his body is great.

  5. we were supposed to go there, but decided not to because of all the corruption, inflation and civil unrest. we went to cape town instead. AWESOME city. i highly recommend it. it’s like san francisco, napa and san diego all rolled into one.

  6. I’m more terrified of the two-sizes-too-small Speedo struggling to contain grandpa’s ass in the top photo.

  7. YES YES YES… I am so doing it some day… Looks awesome!!

  8. The younger man looks yummy.

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