!! OMG how terrifying: Ronald McDonald !!

The above ad was one of the first for McDonald’s. In the spot, Ronald snares another child into a delicious web of health problems by practically throwing a burger into his mouth. He makes sure to keep the kid hooked by feeding him more hamburgers from his “magic tray”.
Also make sure to check out the VERY FIRST McDonald’s commercial, where Ronald jumps out at you from the dark. Yeah, kids love clowns in the dark with deep voices.
Dammit now I’m hungry. And a bit turned on.

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6 Comments on "OMG how terrifying: Ronald McDonald"

  1. This was the beginnings of billions and billions served? I’m surprised they made it the first year.
    And that John Wayne Gacy comment is dead on (so to speak)…

  2. OMG, Does this not remind you of John Wayne Gacy? This was probably his inspiration to lure kids in with his clown outfit. Yikes!

  3. Graydon, a bit turned on, really? The ads are so creepy. These days a guy like that would be suspected of pedophilia. “Oh I know your momma told you not to take things from strangers, but here, take this.” I don’t even want to know what’s concealed below the ‘magic tray’.

  4. Ex Astris Scientia | March 7, 2008 at 9:00 pm | Reply

    yes the Willard Scott thing does increase the creep factor,

  5. OMG, indeed. That was just bizarre. I love how they don’t even try to make the burgers appetizing in the commercial… they’re all flat.

  6. Another kinda creepy thing about it is that Willard Scott (from the Today Show) was that original Ronald McDonald.

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