!! OMG, how timely: Lolgay !!

In the spirit of I can has cheezburger and the lolcats movement, I would like to introduce a new site that makes me so happy I could pee: lolgay. Real bunnies or gays dressed like bunnies… Which do you prefer?

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2 Comments on "OMG, how timely: Lolgay"

  1. Actually, it’s a little creepy… “Cute” gay men evokes a very different reaction in most people than seeing a cute puppy or kitteh. And what’s with all the gerbil jokes? Seems a little homophobic to me. Maybe I’m just taking this a little too seriously…

  2. Definitely prefer gays dressed like bunnies. However, I don’t know why, but for some reason the en vogue cutesy spelling of sites like lolgay cute overload, etc. just makes my skin crawl.

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