!! OMG, How TLC: Polygamist housewives to get their own reality show !!

TLC, which formerly stood for The Learning Channel and now stands for The Little Person, Religious Lunatic, Large Family and Cake Channel, is expanding their programming into groundbreaking territory. In addition to their usual fare about dwarves and religious fanatics with a crazy number of children, they’re now also featuring a show about religious fanatics with tons of wives and children! That’s right: move over Real Housewives of New Jersey because The Real Polygamist Housewives of Utah have arrived– and they’re not here to make friends. (They’re here to make Jello salad and babies, of course!)

The show, (actually titled Sister Wives) premieres on TLC on September 26, and follows the lovable exploits of polygamist patriarch Kody Brown and his Mormon fundamentalist family, comprising wives Meri (39), Janelle (40), and Christine (37), and their collective twelve children along with Robyn, the potential fourth wife being courted.

Let’s see what happens when polygamists stop getting polite and start getting real! (I’m actually surprised that TLC didn’t manage to find a family of polygamist dwarf bakers, but I guess you can’t have everything.)
(Salt Lake Tribune)

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3 Comments on "OMG, How TLC: Polygamist housewives to get their own reality show"

  1. Snore(loudly) so sosso so boring….is that ass stained bvd’s wearing man whore Andy “no dick” Cohen involvbed in this steamin’ sack of boredom?

  2. I want the setup that that big penised guy has with all those chicks…you know it is ALL SEX!!!That is all it is about, come on now. Heard this guy can do it all day and night, so it works out for him, I guess.
    Captcha my ass, you fucker!!!

  3. I wanna learn about gay couples. Where are the gay couples? (Also, imagine if the five housewives are all lesbians!)

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