!! OMG how tolerant: Colorado school !!

A school in Colorado has been very accommodating to an 8-year-old student who was born as a male but identifies as a female. The child will begin attending class as a girl and the school has provided information about the switch to the students and families of the students to promote tolerance, as well as providing unisex bathrooms.
Some parents in the above video say that it is a difficult concept to try to explain to their children, classmates of the transgendered child. I wonder if it actually will be that difficult. I think kids of that age are prone to accepting things that older generations might not understand. If someone told me at age 8 that my classmate who was a boy would now be a girl I think I would just say “Yeah whatever, that hussy had better bring a good present to my birthday party.”
Oh who am I kidding? I didn’t have any friends when I was 8. Nothing changes, hey guys?
Anyway, good for the school! And watch the interviewer struggle to remain objective in the video above.

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10 Comments on "OMG how tolerant: Colorado school"

  1. “I bet your a self hating republican homo living in wyoming. Wishing harm to those brave enough to follow there heart.”
    Actually no I am not any of those except for homo. And as far as me saying he will kill himself, I was speaking figuratively. You proved my point in your statement that you got beat up and made fun of, thats what I am talking about. It doesnt matter if it didnt bother you or not, would you like to be talked about all over the internet and on national television at that age? At any age? I HIGHLY doubt it.

  2. i’d have to agree with mike. i feel sorry for the kid getting all this publicity.

  3. Of all the states, I am very surprised a Colorado school would do the right thing. I guess they’re no longer the same state that tried to pass the evil “Amendment 2” in the 1990’s.

  4. Mike M can you be serious? In elementry school (which was about 10 years ago)I was differnet then most the kids. Sure I was made fun of and picked on, but so was 99% of the school. I made friends with accepting people and by the time I entered 6th grade I realized who I was. I started wearing make up and doing my hair and nails. I got beat up and called names, but I had friends and teachers and family that supported me. No one cared and I never changed. To suggest this boy will kill him self says alot about you, you are the intolerance that pushes those of us who don’t fit a mold down. I bet your a self hating republican homo living in wyoming. Wishing harm to those brave enough to follow there heart.

  5. I recently saw a documentary on the issue, featuring a now 16 year old girl, who started as a boy. She had been living as a girl since she was 8 years old and her life was now pretty easy. Happy and with lot’s of girlfriends. She was thinking about the final surgery. Because she had been early enough with the hormones, she looked like a girl, talked like a girl and everybody she had met since didn’t know better than she was a girl.
    The documentary is called ‘Valentijn’ and is by Hetty Nietsch. Very impressive

  6. Are you people serious?? I dont know how long it has been since you guys have been in grade school, but kids will make fun of anyone different than who they are, no matter what generation. I live in a state that borders Colorado and I assure you that this kid is probably going to kill himself over this attention that he is getting. My heart goes out to him…

  7. Ditto the other comments. When I was about that age I’d made a new friend in the neighborhood, and gave it no thought beyond he was fun. The concept of racism only came to light when a family member was worried what “other people” would think of my having a black friend.
    People getting so bent out of shape over sexual identity is equally strange. Unless you are interested in bedding someone, why do you care if they are male, female, gay, straight, married, single, or asexual? The fact there are usually still seperate male/female public restrooms is odd considering there is sufficient privacy. It seems to do little beyond make a weird social thing for opposite-sex parents who prefer not to send a younger child unattended.
    Good for the school. I do wonder though how well the tolerance will hold up come puberty, dating, etc.

  8. You’re right. Adults often say their main worry is “how to explain it to the children” but what they mean is the subject makes them uncomfortable. Children pretty much go along with the program. This is why it’s even more disgusting that such states as Colo. have passed their marriage discrimination bills by running ads with child actors saying they’d be confused by same-sex marriages. Yeah, right! 9 out of 10 actual kids would say, “They aren’t allowed to get married? That’s not fair.”

  9. I think you are right…kids dont care…kudos to this school’s administration.

  10. as long as the parents do not tell the kids it is wrong, bad or anything negative those kids are not going to care. people r taught to hate others it is not something that comes naturally.

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